The DAFU Classic Black is the original model by DAFU since 1931. Simple, light and full of history, its large rubber toe cap and its vintage touch make it unique.

Shoe Spec

  • 100% Handmade
  • Low Top Design
  • Signature Plimsoll Design
  • Black Cotton Canvas Upper
  • Black Rubber Toe Cap
  • Padded Insoles provides all-day comfort
  • White Rubber Outsole
  • Crafted in our original DAFU Shanghai, uniquely celebrates its long history, culture and style

It was even selected by Shaolin Temple as the exclusive exercise shoes for their warrior monks.

DAFU white shoes has a long and proud history, which can be traced back to Shanghai in the 1920s.

DAFU's 90-year-old rubber factory is the living proof of the brand's classic designs manufactured with authentic materials. These sneakers feature a signature design with white canvas upper, red and blue graphic of double hooks and yellow vulcanised rubber sole, they have been popular since the previous generation.