VORUTA | Wine | Blossom | Linden Flower

VORUTA | Wine | Blossom | Linden Flower

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Natural fruit and berry wines - a unique part of the Lithuanian national heritage, which has preserved its unique winemaking traditions and recipes for many decades nearly 100 years.


Blossom is a supplement to the VORUTA brand of the leading fruit wine on the Lithuanian market with a new, lower alcohol concentration, light, aromatic, summery taste.

Aroma and taste: A light and refreshing white fruit wine drink made from natural apple wine, quince juice and flavored with real linden blossoms extracts.

Production Process: The product is made from natural apple wine and quince juice, and the taste is enriched with real linden blossoms.

Consumption: This wine drink is best with fish and poultry dishes, light appetizers or fruit and berries.

Serving Suggestion: Recommended to serve chilled until 10-12°C. Garnish with a spring of mint or a slice of fresh fruit, such as apple, lemon.